Sunday, July 21, 2024

iMac Carrying Case

Looking for a iMac carrying case? In this case, I feel sorry for you, because I guess you’re moving, and I always hated moving. I only did it two times so far, but each time I felt like the stress is eating away my last 10 years of life. Oh, well, that means I’ll live only 110 years out of the 130 I had planned…but let’s get busy finding some iMac carrying cases for you, shall we?

We’ll start with a rugged iMac carrying case from Pelican. If we look at the specs and the price, there could be only one conclusion – as long as Apple will still be in business and making 24-inch iMacs a few decades from this moment, your kids will surely use it!

“This indestructible shipping case is designed to protect your expensive Apple iMac 24 desktop computer with the aluminum keyboard and mouse. The custom foam interior gives impact and shock protection.

Like all Pelican ® Products these cases are indestructible, watertight and airtight.”

Lifetime warranty, all-around protection…and almost 30% of the price of your iMac. At $575, the iMcruzer is not a cheap iMac carrying case, but it surely gets the job done, and can do it for ages!

On the other hand, iLugger, a LTA projects division, offers carrying cases for all Macs you can think of, from the old Power Mac G3 to the latest models, but you can also get cases for your iPhone or PC from them. Even more, the prices are pretty cool!

For example, iLugger has a 17/20 inch iMac carrying case for only $130, and it even comes in blue and black, my all-time favorite colors!

While this doesn’t offer the protection of the previous case, it still comes with the following features:

  • Spacious design with additional storage compartments on either side of the case. Great for storing keyboard, mouse, and power cable!
  • Backpack straps for easier carriage
  • Hard plastic shield between foam and fabric to protect monitor
  • Removable shoulder strap

At last, I found another awesome case, but there are two problems with it: it’s pretty expensive, and it was specifically built for the 17-Inch iMac G5. If spending $500 for a iMac carrying case is not a problem for you, then I am sure your iMac G5 will love the Tenba RS-M17 634-715 Aircase!

Other than the above, here’s a solution for these tough times – be sure to keep your box when you buy the iMac, and you’ll have the cheapest iMac carrying case ever! 😉