Saturday, May 18, 2024

Does Apple Ipad Have Gps?

Right before the Apple iPad was released on the market , when some details about the new device started being spread, there was some rumor about the GPS that was supposed to be included … or not. SO lots of people asked :”Does Apple iPad have GPS?“. Well , the answer is a bit ambiguous and raises doubts and some more questions. Well, if you were to read the technical chart of the device you will see something like “GPS for iPad Wi-Fi+3G model”. People have interpreted it in two ways: either the GPS is functioning only for the 3G model, which also have Wi-Fi, or the GPS is included for both devices. Any way, after lots of research and talk to the specialists and reading once again the technical specifications of the iPad, I was getting near a possible reasonable explanation. The difference was in fact the GPS chip: the Wi-Fi model does have GPS, but it is aided-GPS, while the 3G model has a real GPS chip inside.

Now the next normal question to ask:”What is A-GPS and how is it different from the normal GPS we all know?”. Well, apparently this assisted GPS is based on the radio transmitted signals of a normal GPS , but which are aided by other network, usually mobile phone or Wi-Fi networks. That happens because the normal GPS signals that are transmitted from satellites can be mixed and reflected from buildings and the Wi-Fi hot spots provide the necessary data for completing the rest of the information your device needs. But this can mean that all the indications and directions you get from the GPS are based in a big part on Wi-Fi information, not the GPS satellites. SO you can only presume that the GPS feature will stop functioning when you are in an area where there no coverage for the Wi-Fi network or when you stop paying your bill for the mobile phone company for example.

Does Apple iPad have a GPS?” was the favorite question of many people right before the device appeared. Even some time after that lots of people claimed that the so-advertised GPS is in fact a computer software that reconstructs the different locations by cell phone tower triangulation only. It’s not entirely true and also not entirely false. We have just found out that the 3G model has a GPS chip, but it does rely on this triangulation, too, but only partly.

Now that it’s clear that you can use the device for getting you from one point to another without problems, no matter what kind of technology it uses, the only problem might be the size because I can’t imagine where can you place this large iPad on board of your car to use it properly.

I am completely dependent on my computer. I do all my things using  it: I write documents, essays, do my job and talk to friends, send  business emails or invite friends to a party. I just love the fact that I  can do all these things in my pink robber after having a bath because  nobody will see me while I am doing my job. It’s very handy , I admit.  Yes, but I am a static person, whereas most of the other people have to  go to work and travel quickly from one place to another, so a Macbook is  both useful and necessary. It’s a part of them. So it’s really  disturbing for all the people who depend on their computers to do their  jobs when something goes wrong with your device and you can’t fix it.

Of course laptops are not perfect machines (though they come close  enough) and they do break from time to time or at least something gets  loose and annoys you. A common problem with Macbooks is the fact that  they tend to have a little wobbling of the screen between the lids.  Actually the display can move from one or two mm to several and you can  imagine this moving is not beneficial for the screen.

That happens  because the lid of your Macbook Pro is unusually heavy when compared to  other laptops because it is meant to protect the screen. So when you  open your Macbook Pro and work on it and use it, you usually push it in  the vertical -oblic position. After several dozens of this movements  -back and forth, the hinges and screws that fix the display into place  get loose and it wobbles. The only thing you can do is rather simple:  just tighten them. Well, that might be a problem for those who don’t  know how to tighten a Macbook Pro screen. It’s not rocket  science, but it’s not that easy as it seems at first sight , I mean if  you never did that before.

There are no screws on the outside of the Macbook that you can  tighten up, but you have to open it and fix and tighten the hinges  inside. If you want to know how to tighten a Macbook Pro screen and want to do it yourself, here is a  video tutorial and here is the repair manual for the Macbook Pro, so maybe you will find  them useful. Some users who faced this problem said the hinges were  really damaged and they had to replace them, so take this into  consideration, too. If you are not sure what you have to do and you are  not that good with screwdrivers and technical stuff, you’d better leave  it to a professional. This way you don’t risk damaging anything.  Besides, if your Macbook is still in warranty you most certainly  shouldn’t risk opening it yourself, as you will not cover for whatever  stupid thing you might do. Not to mention the fact that Macbook screens  are pretty fragile, so if you do any wrong moves you can break them.

But I am pretty confident that things will be ok.