Sunday, May 19, 2024

Windows Programs On Mac… For Free!

If you never got to that sweet moment in time when you say “At last!!! I am running Windows software on my Mac WITHOUT WINDOWS!,” then today I have some really great news for you. No matter how much you love or hate George W. Bush, you should thank him for being able to grab Codeweavers’ CrossOver for free, because that’s what I am trying to say here – Windows programs on Mac can be easily run with the help of this awesome application, which is usually priced at $40, but today…

the fruits of the Great American Lame Duck Presidential Challenge can be enjoyed, because one of those goals set by the challenge has been reached. The goal was to bring down average gasoline prices in the Twin Cities to $2.79 a gallon, and since gas prices in Minneapolis and St. Paul did that on Monday, the 14th of October, CodeWeavers decided to reward Mac users for this achievement of the Bush administration.

Jeremy White, president and CEO of CodeWeavers, said “That morning, I was filling my tank at Big Steve’s Gas Palace in St. Paul.<-336×280 Large Rectangle – right-> I had just finished my morning corn dog and 64-ounce Dr. Pepper when I looked at the pump and noticed gas was at $2.79. I screamed ‘Woohoo,’ then I yelled ‘Oh, crap!’ as I realized every American can now have my software for free. Kind of upsets my fourth quarter revenue projections…”

The funny part of the whole deal is that the official company website is currently down, so the entire US was waiting for this opportunity to get Windows programs on Mac for free. Maybe even those guys at the gas station were Mac users, who knows?

“I launched the campaign to inspire President Bush to make the most of his final days in office. Who knew that our Challenge would have this kind of impact on the country? On the other hand, who knew that the economy would implode, causing oil demand to drop into the abyss and gas prices to plummet as well. Clearly, investigating Bear Stearns, AIG and those guys is misplaced – CodeWeavers is responsible for this mess. So it’s free software for all!,” concluded Mr. White.

While Parallels and BootCamp require you to buy a Windows copy to run Windows programs on Mac, CrossOver doesn’t, since it uses Wine to allow you run those Windows programs right on Mac OS X, so if you’re looking for such a thing as Windows programs on Mac, don’t wait any longer – get your free CrossOver copy now, or pay the price tomorrow. No matter how you do it, it’s still much better than those two alternatives I mentioned!