Sunday, July 21, 2024

MacBook Pro Keyboard Is Not Working

MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro is a great laptop with many great features, but sometimes there is trouble in paradise, meaning that even MacBook can have some problems. One of the problems MacBook Pro has is the fact that its keyboard doesn’t respond from time to time.

We are sure that many of you had at least once this kind of problem with their MacBook Pro and you find yourselves in the situation when the trackpad works just fine, but the keyboard is not working. The simplest solution to this problem is to restart the laptop and it works most of the time, because the problem is not the keyboard itself it the whole laptop, maybe the operating system has a problem or maybe a new software or application just installed make your MacBook Pro keyboard non-functional.

This isn’t just a MacBook problem, many computers have it and many times it is about the operating system or new software installed. If your keyboard responds after you restarted your computer, this could be the case we are talking about, but if the keyboard randomly stops responding and then starts to work like nothing happened, you should call AppleCare because it could be a bigger problem.

If your keyboard is unresponsive and after you restarted your MacBook Pro works just fine, try to download the latest software available for your operating system including keyboard update and see if the software just installed makes your keyboard work. If you can’t work with your trackpad try a USB keyboard or a wireless keyboard.

If your keyboard still doesn’t work after the restart and after the update, you should try to take out the battery of your MacBook Pro. You shouldn’t to this if your computer still has warranty, because you will lose it, but if it doesn’t have you can try to take out the battery all by yourself. We are saying this, because we found a forum online (check out where a MacBook user said that he found out the solution to its unresponsive MacBook Pro keyboard by removing the battery and seeing that the brown/darker orange cable was the one causing all the problems. The cable became warped because it had heated up to much and when the cable was pressed down the keyboard worked perfectly.

If you see this problem you should go to an authorized service to fix the cable, but if you need a temporary fix you should try to get a small piece of Scotch tape or any sticky tape and try to put the cable back into its place by rolling it up with the tape. After you did that, see if the keyboard is working by pressing the Caps Lock key.

If the keyboard is working put the battery back so that it presses on the ribbon cable and the sticky or the Scotch tape. In case you don’t want to mess around with your MacBooks Pro battery then you should take it to a service or try to press hard on the Caps Lock key and see if the keyboard works after that. We hope that this article will help you find the solution if your MacBook Pro keyboard is not working.