Wednesday, June 12, 2024

iPod Touch 8GB


In case that you want to find out the answer to the “How to unlock an 8 GB iPod Touch screen?” question, it is important to read this article. First of all, you have to know that the iPod Touch it is similar to the iPhone because both of them have a touch screen. This means that you can’t find on the device buttons, just a screen that you have to touch with your fingers in order to send the commands.

Thanks to these gadgets you have the possibility to take with you your favorite songs wherever you go. Beside listening to your favorite music you can even play games and watch videos on them. In case that you want to keep unauthorized users away from your iPod Touch, my advice for you is to set a pass-code that only you will know. In most of the cases after a period when you don’t use your portable music device, the system will automatically go in sleep mode.

In order to unlock an 8 GB iPod Touch screen, you have to type in the empty field a four digit pass-code. Sometimes happens that you forget the password. What have you do in this case? All you have to do is to restore your portable music device to factory settings. For this process you have the possibility to choose between two options. One of them is to unlock your iPod Touch with the pass-code and the second method is to unlock it without the password. In the first option’s case you have to simply tap the bezel button on your portable music device’s screen and you have to slide your finger against the arrow bar. When appears the field, you have to simply type the four digit password. In the second method’s case you have to connect your iPod Touch to the computer. For this process you will need the USB cable. After the system recognizes the connected portable music device you have to open the iTunes program on your notebook.

In order to open it all you have to do is to click twice on the iTunes’s icon which is situated in most of the cases on your laptop’s desktop. Then you have to click with the mouse cursor on the “iPod Touch” button. From the appeared window you have to select the “Summary” tab. The next step is to click on the “Restore” button which you will find easily under the “Version” section. From the opened menu you have to choose the “Back up and restore” option. The system will automatically restore your gadget’s content to factory settings. It is very important to let your iPod Touch connected to the notebook until the restoring process it will be finished. You have the possibility to talk virtually with other iPod users at the Apple Discussions Forum. In order to discuss with them and to post your comments or questions to the website’s wall, all you have to do is to sign in with your user account to the forum.