Saturday, May 18, 2024

iPhone 3G Yellow Screen Problem

OK, so the iPhone 3G is finally here, but what about those problems it has to face in these early days? Leaving the supply shortage part aside, there’s enough to be worried about even after being so lucky to get in possession of this new beauty coming from Apple, and one issue that has been troubling a lot of people in these last few days is the fact that the screen of the iPhone 3G has a yellow tint. So…what about it?

After facing the iPhone 3G activation madness, which I guess is far from over, in some areas, some happy iPhone 3G owners become less happy when they experience up close and personal other problems with the iPhone 3G, like the yellow tint of the screen I just mentioned above. The good part is that you can get rid of this annoyance really easy, as we’re going to see right away…

Obviously, when you get a phone, and see that its screen has a yellow tint, you draw the conclusion that something’s wrong with it. Well, if you think for a while, you may figure out that yellow glasses can be used to improve visibility, just like the yellow headlights cars use on foggy weather, so Apple’s claim that the yellow tint of the iPhone 3G’s LCD helps improve visibility is not something you shouldn’t believe. Even more, I think there’s also a proof that this is not only a good lie, because now I’ll tell you how to get rid of it, if you really think the old blue-biased LCD is better!

From the early iPhone 3G user feedback, it is known already that the iTunes update system contains a “hidden” firmware update for the iPhone 3G, update able to fix several minor issues, including the yellow screen tint. Now, I wonder what happens with those that like the yellow tint – no firmware updates for them in the future?

The interesting part of the whole deal is that, while clicking “Check for Updates” in iTunes shows nothing new, pressing the “Restore” button installs firmware that’s two builds newer than the default one, going from 5A345 to 5A347! Leaving the yellow tint aside, it seems the new firmware also fixes some app crashes, but nothing is official, yet, so we’re talking more about rumors. Anyway, if you have some information regarding this subject you’d like to share, we’re “all ears!”