Sunday, July 21, 2024

iMac vs PC

To try and talk about this “fight” between a Mac and a PC, is a really hard thing to do. Both of them have their pros and cons and it’s only a personal preference after all the arguments. Below, you’ll find a short iMac vs PC overview so that you can know which one you need.
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Let’s talk about why Macs are better. For the beginning you’ll notice that Macs are very simple to use and of course, Apple offers a really nice design which can catch your eye. With Macs you have the ability to run legally OS X and Windows both. Of course, if you own a Mac you can see clearly that it works perfectly with other Apple products such as iPod, iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Touch, iPod Schuffle Etc..

Macs are using a software put out of the box (iLife) that you can say it works better. If the user owns an iPod or an iPhone, Mac will give you access to the iTunes Store. Some of the people have doubts about the iMac because it is made from different parts. Apple says that these parts are quality ones and that you shouldn’t think this is a problem. PC’s users are still not giving up what they have. Apple is a well-known high-price company and this is one of the reasons clients prefer PC’s. Think about you can buy the same hard drive capacity, the same processor and the same amount of RAM with a cheaper PC.

You can build your personal computer by picking each part and choosing what you want and what you need. They are more upgradable than Macs and are open source which is important when you need to change your computer. Another pro for a PC is that it has better software compatibility. You really can find any software that can work with a PC. Macs have a more limited selection. Another plus for PC’s goes for the better backwards compatibility. Everybody knows that you can run Windows even on a 5 year old PC. The problem is that you can’t run Snow Leopard on a Power Mac G5. If you like to play on your computer, you should consider that PC’s are better for gaming.

Apple iMacs are still not very popular in the business world. The majority of the companies use the PC for many reasons. A good reason is that not everybody knows how to use an iMac and that is a good reason for the company not to use an iMac. It’s hard to choose between an iMac and a PC. The best way to pick one is to try them both, to know what you need and to try to figure which one you need. There will always be strong arguments in the iMac vs PC world, but you should make a personal opinion before buying one. It’s hard to pick one since you can see that both are great and both can offers you many things.