iMac Icons


If you are new in iMac world, in this article you will find the instructions that you have to follow in order to create a new iMac icon. The iMac computers are different from the usual Mac notebooks, because in order to use an iMac you will need to purchase separately the keyboard and the mouse. As the other computers, these gadgets have also advantages and disadvantages. If you want to buy a new iMac it is advisable to follow some instructions.

The iMac icons are different than the Personal Computer’s icons. The main difference between them is that the iMac icons contain 3 dimensional positions. Usually the icons are default, but some iMac users want to personalize their machine and they want to change the standard iMac icons. In this case all you have to do is to select an image that you want to set as an icon. In order to make changes on it, open the popular graphic design program, Adobe Photoshop. It is important to modify the picture and crop it until its size is 128X128 pixels. You can make changes, rotate the picture or what you want, but don’t forget to keep the field’s side transparent.


Tip number two is to save the picture by clicking on the “Save As” option from the “File” menu. It is important to save the modified image as “.TIFF” file. You have to make some changes under the “TIFF option”. Set the “Image Compression” option to “None”. Because most of the icons don’t have a perfect square shape, you have to click on the “Save transparency” option. You have the opportunity to create a new iMac icon using different programs such as Xcode. You can download the software from the program’s official website. Xcode is considered a user friendly designer, because contains different templates. In order to use your created image, you have to save your work as “.INCS” file. Thanks to iMac icons, you have the possibility to recognize easier the folders such as Library, Music, Computer, Desktop, Applications, Movies, Downloads and many others. In case that you want to reinstall the previous adjusted icons, you have to download some special programs such as Candy Bar or Litelcon.


You can download and install these apps from the program’s official website. You can restore an iMac icon by clicking on the “Restore” option. If you don’t want to reinstall each icon separately, you can select the “Restore all icons” option from “File” menu.Finally, you have to confirm the made changes. For this process, you have to click on the “Relaunch Finder” tab. In case that the new created icons don’t appear, you have to clear the system cache. The icons are just one of the main differences between the iMac computers and PCs. Of course, both of them have cons and pros.