Wednesday, June 12, 2024

How You Are Destroying Your Earphones


Earphones are almost always made up of plastic and high wearing materials that make them quite vulnerable to the elements and bad handling. This is often disregarded by many an individual since these gadgets are taken for granted, and also because replacing them is considered to be relatively inexpensive. However, if you do possess a good pair of headphones and are not getting the output it was guaranteed, you are most likely destroying it.

Entanglement of Wires

Wadding of wires is considered to be one of the major reasons that reduce the lifespan of earphones. More often than not, many who use earphones unplug it from the device and just throw it around somewhere, which results in the wires tying itself into something that is very suitable for your sneakers. It is important that when earphones are not in use to lay them in a manner that would not result in the wires overlapping each other.

No Proper Storage

Regardless of whether you are using the traditional earphone with wires, or the more trendy looking wireless earbuds, storing it in a proper environment is crucial to increase the lifespan of the product and maintain the quality of output it promised when purchasing. Generally, earphones now come with a storage pouch or case that enables the consumer to store it in a way that is easy to transport. Safe from the outside elements, it is guaranteed that the earbuds will not fall short.

Misunderstanding the Features

Interestingly, another reason for premature deterioration of earphones is the negligence of the features of the product. Features, such as IP grading, purpose, compatibility, and battery (if wireless) are things that have to be understood by the consumer, as it entails the special use of the product. Therefore, using a normal pair of headphones for sporting activities that result in the harsh exposure to the elements is certain of packing out much faster than that of a purpose built pair that is resistant to the elements.

Maxing Out Volume

One of the more ignored reasons for the reduced lifespan of the headphones are the volume controls. Although having the ability to give out crisp sound even above industry volume standards, it was not built to do such an activity for a prolonged period. This is because the drivers that are installed in the earphones perform at their highest potential, which result in quick wear of the product. Just like how revving an engine to the max on the wrong gear can be increase the wear and tear of car components, the same can be said to the earbuds. Therefore, it is important that you set the volumes to industry specific settings.

Ever wondered why your super expensive earphone suddenly packed out after a few uses? Well, it is most likely that you are not giving the proper care it needs. So give your pair of headphones the love it deserves, after all, it always does a great service to anyone who uses it.