Saturday, May 18, 2024

How Do You Create A SEO Silo Plan?

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The idea of creating SEOnavigation is one that has become really popular because it is something that helps you make sure people can get around your site easily. You are trying to make the web experience good for everyone, but you cannot do that unless you have organized all the information in a way that makes sense. You can learn a lot when you are starting a plan for your organic SEO silo. How Do You Silo?

The idea is to take all the information on your site and organize it into long chains of information that look like a silo. You are going to have a long chain of information for one topic, a long chain for another topic and so on. Your silo could have many chains of information, and you need to make sure that each chain is unbroken. People who are on your website should not be led away from the silo unless they want to learn about something completely different, and that means that you are going to remain on topic for as long as you can.


You have to organize the navigation on your website in a way that takes people from one part of the silo to another. You are going to send someone further and further up one chain of the silo until the reader wants to change chains or until they reach the end. This means that you have put in navigation tabs in the site that lead people to the most pertinent information next. Surely they can go other places if they want to, but the most readily available tabs should be the ones that stay within the train of thought for that part of the silo.

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Use Your Theme Well

You need to make sure that you have a theme for your website that falls into the siloing you are doing. This means that your whole theme is overarching for the whole website, but then you have a theme underneath that for each topic on the site. The topics within the silo all need to have their own theme, and you will be able to keep all the information under one theme. People who change to a different part of the silo will change themes, and it will be really obvious that they changed to a new topic. Companies like MOZ do a really great job with WordPress theme based organic SEO silos.

Check Online Search Rankings

You need to start checking online search rankings for every part of the silo. The issue is that you need to see only results for the chain of ideas in every part of the silo when you do a search. This means that you will see all the pages on your site under one topic, and then you can change your search and see all the pages for another topic. This helps people get to the right information, and you will not have people coming to your site but sitting in the wrong part of the silo. This helps everyone use your site better without any real confusion.

93% of Sites Are Found Through Searches

Research says that 93% of sites are found through searches, and that is why you have to make sure that you have done the work, to make sure that you have people coming to the right part of your site after a search. This is what makes the silos so important, and it prevents people from getting confused when they find your site. People who end up in the wrong part of the silo will not stay around for long. For your site to appear on the top rank say within 5 or 10 in Google Search, you can contact your local SEO and Digital Marketing Agency such as Denver SEO Company in Colorado Springs.

Organize the URLs the Right Way

You have to organize the URLs on your site so that people are going to stay under one URL as they go down that part of the silo. You cannot have all the URLs change dramatically as people make their way down the silo, and you cannot force people to wonder what is going on as the URLs change so much. Keep them consistent so that people can find what they want easily and get back to where they were easily.

Choosing Keywords

You need to make sure that all the parts of the silo have their own branded keywords. You will have general keywords that would take people to any part of your site, but every part of the silo must have specific keywords that people can follow easily. You will be able to target the keywords to the places where they are needed most, and you will not have to wonder how you are going to get people to each silo. Following each step makes sure that you are going to be able to use your website to attract people and inform them, and they will be able to get around your site easily when they follow your navigation for each silo.