Saturday, May 18, 2024

Cyber Bullying Cultural Sources

There is a pervasive culture of Cyber bullying on the Internet and it is coming to be a burden on companies all over Australia. Many people often ask where this culture comes from. The answer lies in part with an increase in the number of young people coming into the workforce in Australia, but mainly also that young people these days are closer to the Internet than ever before.

An unintended side-effect of our world becoming smaller and communication being almost instantaneous is that people have a tendency to not think things through anymore before they post them. Many young people from all over the country are using mobile phones and computers. They have accounts on social media services such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter and they are constantly messaging each other in public. Playtime no longer ends after school; for many teenagers, it continues throughout the evening and in the worst cases all night over their phones and computers.

This Workforce Graduates

As technology begins to move into the cloud and become ever more portable, the generation that grew up on computers and video game consoles is now graduating from college and university. Kids who have been fighting for the past 10 years as soldiers on Xbox live are now taking junior positions at corporations. In many cases, they still use the same media to entertain themselves after work hours and the culture simply pervades the work environment because it is their culture.

This is why Cyberbullying consulting is so important for occupational health & safety reasons. You should endeavor to create a harmonious atmosphere in your company where people are polite and kind to each other. You can educate people about how to use social media and what your company’s expectations are as well.