Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Apple iPhone Trends

We all know the importance of not only looking good but also owning nice things. It sounds not only shallow but also sad. Even so, this is the current direction we can find in many of the largest cities on this planet. The reality is definitely different, and includes other significant accomplishes that are more related to the spiritual world than the material word. Probably this current trend is the one that not only pushes people beyond any limit in purchasing expensive nice devices or objects. In one of the past articles I have presented you some of the more-thing accessories collection for your iPhone both 3G and 3GS. This article will reveal you the more-thing leather series.

As you could have probably seen, the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS look exactly the same. Therefore, before taking about leather cases, I want to underline an important element. Because of the current resemblance between iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS there is no need for you to exchange your 3G for a 3GS. It is needless to say, that by doing so you are supporting the economic crisis. In these times we need to step back and realize that not everything that is new is different. iPhone 3GS is iPhone 3G, it would be just ludicrous to say contrary. The three different hardware changes are not going to make out of 3GS a new model; no, under any circumstances, because the actual iPhone is now at its 2.5 generation.

The real third iPhone generation is due to summer of 2010. In the last article you probably noticed some really interesting cases for your iPhone. This article contains the last collections for your iPhone. As you can see, you can find a variety of products for you to improve your 3G’s look, you really should step aside and not purchase a 3GS. Hopefully, with this crisis more people will understand that we need to look beyond all the surface and try to understand how the life works (not by making constant purchases, just because it has an Apple logo on it).

Therefore, keep your image in society at the same level until the July of 2010 and keep your 3G. If you got bored with it, just accessorize it. The first collection in the leather series is the Terra collection. This is an interesting case providing a full protection with a slip in style and a magnetic closure. This is probably one of the safeties cases I have seen, thanks to the magnetic closure. It is offered in four colors, such as brown, black, purple, and orange. This case is made out of genuine leather.

The package also contains a crystal screen protector. You can purchase a Terra package for $32.90 price tag. If you enjoy vintage stuff then you are going to love the Vintage Plus leather collection. This is a slip in case simple with no other elements offered in two styles in the same brown color, Basic and Noah. This is made out of genuine leather and will probably be enough to prevent your iPhone from getting damaged. You can easily find in the retail package a crystal screen protector. Also more-thing offers the Vintage leather collection for $32.90 price tag. Next on the customers likings is the Twine lite collection. At its core this cases are made out plastic, but their finished with synthetic leather. More-thing offers six colors, such as silver, gold, white, red, black and navy.

These cases also sport an interesting pattern, carbon fiber. Because the Twine lite cases sport a clip on style, you can easily imagine that you will get instant access to all ports and controls. Just like in the previous collections, this collection also includes a crystal screen protector in the retail package. You can find it on the more-thing portfolio for about $29.90 price tag. “Com’on Vogue”, it is not just a Madonna song any more, it’s a style case for iPhone. It is a slip in style case made out of genuine leather, which not only looks fashionable, but also shields your iPhone perfectly.

It comes in four different colors, orange, white, black and brown with complementary stripes based on the main color. This package is offered for $29.90 and it includes crystal screen protector. If you are interested in adding a 3D pattern to your iPhone then the Three-d ex series might just be what you are looking for. At its core this case is made out of plastic but covered with quality synthetic leather. Because it has a clip on style you will easily get access to all ports and keys.

Even more by using the crystal screen protector included you will protect your iPhone form scratches and dust. The Three-d ex series is offered for $29.90 price tag. Before the Three-d ex series, more-thing released the Three-D series available in only black. Also beside the 3D pattern, the case also sports an opening to the Apple logo, making the overall style more impressive. This case is at its core made out of plastic, but comes covered with synthetic leather. This case also sports a clip on style and included in its retail package beside the crystal screen protector a clear logo protector film.

You can find this case on more-thing site for about $29.90 price tag. Next, more-thing offers two collections very similar one to another, the Vintage collection and the Buffalo Collection. The first slip in vintage case is made out of genuine leather and comes with a light brown color. Also included in the $32.90 package is the crystal screen protector. The second slip in style is made out of genuine leather but is shipped with a darker brown color with a nice pattern. The same price tag is also available for this package, $32.90, and it also includes the crystal screen protector. We are now down to the last four collections available in the leather series, the Twine collection, the Shocking collection, the Classic Collection and the Leather Original Plus collection.

The first one, the Twine collection, is rather similar to the Twine lite collection. However, it lacks the nice style and it makes your iPhone look to big. At its core is made out of plastic covered with the same quality synthetic leather, added with a unique carbon fiber pattern. If you are looking for the best iPhone protection, then this hard case might just be what you are looking for.

Because it offers such a great protection more-thing increased its price tag to about $39.90.the Shocking series might just be to shocking for you and me, but it’s sure got its customers out there. Its available in two colors, shocking yellow, and outrageous pink. Is made out of quality patent leather, and offers a hard shell felling. This case will absorb any shock coming to your iPhone any time soon. Also included in the $32.90 price tag is the crystal screen protector. If you are a business man or a business woman, then you might want to take a look at the Classic collection.

This collection will improve your etiquette, thanks to the excellent genuine leather offered in white, red and most importantly black. For the $34.90 price tag you will also get the crystal screen protector. Last but not least, the Original plus collection is available in three colors, red, white and black. It is made out of synthetic leather and it has a hard shell look which will be appreciated by anyone who is looking to offer for its iPhone the best protection. For $34.90 price tag you also get the crystal screen protector included. Overall, more-thing offers, not cheap solutions, but excellent solutions for you to not get bored of your iPhone 3G. By doing so, maybe more people will understand that life is not great only when you buy new devices, but also when you start enjoying everything you have in your life.