Sunday, July 21, 2024

Apple iPhone Game

The OS X iPhone, the operating system used on the Apple’s iPhones and iPods supports, as we already know, a lot of games. Thanks to the central processing unit used at their construction, to a great processor and to the OpenGL for Embedded Systems technology, rendered by the PowerVR 3D graphics we are able to play even the hard games with a complicated graphic.

We can find on the market a lot of game applications, specially coded for iPhone, but, most of them are available on the iTunes store, which can be accessed from both devices, the smart phone and the iPods.

Jet Car Stunts it is a game developed by True Axis and was very anticipated before the official release. It is a funny 3D driving game, with two types of playing: the platform and the time trials. The platform type represents a race, where the player drive the car on some successive roadways until he will reach the finish line. The time trials represent some circuits, needed to be finished in a certain amount of time, until the user will beat his own records. This game have massive jumps, spiral roadways, floating platforms and mid-air hoops, asking the player to execute impossible maneuvers.

Eliminate started as a promotion of App Store after the release of the Warfare 2 game, but they extended this period until further notices. They recently updated the energy time of recharge which has been reduced from 240 minutes to 60. Thanks to this change, iPhone users are able to earn more credits because they will be energized often and buy another upgrades more faster. This FPS (first person shooter) is one of the most played games and it can be downloaded for free by the iPhone users. Combining the classic death- match games with the RPG- style it is far away of a simple game, the action taking place on a lot of cycling maps.

First of all, those who have more credits, rule the world of Eliminate more easier than others. To be able to buy weapons and equipment you will need to spend some credits, which can be earned as you increase your levels. Also, with this credits, you can buy the available upgrades. You need to be fully energized to sustain a match between you and a random opponent , fights which will bring you even more credits. You will start the game with a full battery of energy but it will decrease in time, forcing you to wait up to 60 minutes to be full again. But, despite your expectations, you will be able to play while you are out of energy, even you will not be able to progress.

If you think that you will not be able to defeat someone who play this game for a long time you are wrong, as Zincous, a game’s star, proved. He defeated a player with a bigger level than him, with a better gear and weapons, 10 times in a row, without dying once, so, we can figure that the skill it is more important than the armors and rifles.


Because the winter it is almost here, iPhone developed a game who will introduce you into the snow atmosphere easily, named Snow Moto Racing, brought by the Resolution Interactive company. The earlier games, Aqua Moto Racing and Dirt Moto Racing were developed by the same brand. This game it will be soon available on the App Store and will let us experiencing a beautiful adventure on a high speed snowmobile, while we will see splendid winter landscapes. The developers listed some features like 6 race tracks, 14 levels to unlock, hidden bonus game mode or a local multiplayer area, using the Bluetooth signal. It have some responsive and easy to use controls and it is very intuitive and fun. At the wheel of an well- designed ATV we will be able to race our friends or play a single player version, driving trough trees and a lot of piles of snow, just like in the old game for iPhone, the Dirt Moto Racing. The difficulty will increase along with the unlock of every level. The terrain looks nice and polished and enhances the feeling of winter.