Sunday, July 21, 2024

Apple iMac Screensavers

A running screensaver is supposed to reduce damage to your computer’s display and can help you relax when you want to take a break from your work. The most important thing about nowadays screensavers is the fact that they are very amazing pieces of work and some of you can say that they are amazing pieces of art.

In this article we are going to present a lot of new, stunning and unique screensavers for Apple iMac because we know how important is for you to have great screensaver for your computer. Many of those screensavers will catch your attention and you will certainly want to have them.

Let’s start with My Living Desktop 4.56. This is more than just a simple screensaver, is a combination between a moving wallpaper also known as a video desktop and a screensaver. This application will help you chance your perception about screensavers and will help you create a brand new desktop to your Apple iMac, turning it into a great moving environment.

This application gives you many relaxing and stunning high quality video scenes which you can use as your computer’s screensaver or as your desktop. The videos represent scenes from all around the world; therefore you have a lot to choose from. If you don’t like want you in My Living Desktop 4.56 you can always import your own video scenes or movies and you can transform them into a beautiful screensaver or a unique desktop.

This nice application includes features like: Action, Camera and Lights – allowing you to import your own movie segments or video scenes.

If you like this application you can download it from and you need to have Mac OS X 10.5 or later, 1GB of free space on your hard drive and at least 1GB of RAM.

What is more relaxing than a forest? Maybe a rain forest and, even better, a 3D rain forest. The next screensaver for your Apple iMac is the 3D Rain Forest Adventure, this one is full of color and life. You can watch as butterflies and birds fly, primates and big cats climb and walk among jungle foliage. A tropical rain forest adventure can’t be complete without a waterfall and you can see one in the background of this beautiful tropical environment. You can set the screensaver to night or to a sunset scene and you can see how the colors and the shadows of the wallpaper and animals change. This screensaver is not all about the looks, you can hear nice rain forest sound affects with every new animal.

You can fully customize it to your preferences: you can change the volume control, the brightness, the time of day and you can set in on mute if you don’t want to hear the sound effects.

This 3D Rain Forest Adventure screensaver also offers password protection, it can be use with dual monitors and it is updated for Snow Leopard.

LotsaWater is a Snow Leopard compatible screensaver for your Apple iMac. It is very realistic and it provides very nice water effects showing you raindrops that fall over your desktop surface while your desktop is distorted. It doesn’t use a lot of your CPU power and if you have problem installing it or making it work, you should remove the previous version (if you have one) and reinstall it.

Winter Train 3D Screensaver is another nice screensaver for your Apple iMac. You can customize it with an analogue clock or a digital clock and it was lots of details and colors, making it perfect for the long winter nights.

The scene in this screensaver is e beautiful alpine one with a highly detailed steam locomotive. It is compatible with Snow Leopard and you can download it from

3D DNAtrix 3.2 is showing you streams of your DNA code made from dark green letters with a green rotating double helix. You can see spinning, falling and floating DNA code letters: T, G, C and A. You can change the default colors using color preset buttons and you can control the sound of the screensaver and the brightness. This screensaver contains MP3 sound files and it is compatible with Snow Leopard.

Fireflies flicker through a forest is a very relaxing ambiance, therefore the 3D Twilight Fireflies 3.3 is the perfect Apple iMac screensaver if you want relax and in the same time hear the sound of crickets singing and croaking. You can set the time of day into night and you will see a shadowy blue hue embracing the fireflies, the pond and the woods. You can set the screensaver also to a sunset scene. 3D Twilight Fireflies 3.3 is updated for Snow Leopard.

Screen Elements 1.2 is a slideshow screensaver with great and nice background transitions. To the background transition feature you can use your own image, desktop images or Mac OS X wallpapers.

The slideshow offers you the possibility to start with a drop effect, a bubble effect or a puzzle effect. You can choose your pictures or images and also the iPhoto album for the slideshow.

This screensaver has great effects like: linear and random animation, flip, dissolve, drops, bubble and puzzle animation. Screen Elements 1.2 works with Snow Leopard.

The 3D Mountain Waterfall 4.3 is another great screensaver for your Apple iMac. You will see nice birds flying through the scene and an amazing waterfall. You can hear the bird calls and the roaring of the waterfall. You have control over the sound effects and if you don’t want to hear the sounds to can set them to mute and you can also control the brightness of the screensaver. This cool screensaver supports dual monitors and it gives you a password protection feature.

If you wan to have fearsome 3D Sharks moving down, up, right, left, forward and backward on your screen you can choose the 3D Sharks 3.4 screensaver. This is an amazing screensaver that will make you experience the ocean depths.