Saturday, May 18, 2024

Adding More Desktop Spaces In OS X Lion

Adding More Desktop Spaces

One of the great features of OS X Lion would have to be Spaces which gives the user the possibility to have several desktops which can prove to be more than useful especially for those that are working in more than just one app and also in different documents.

Let’s not forget that Spaces is also great for those that have just one display.

If you have several desktop spaces, most of the applications which are launched in a desktop space usually are dedicated to that space. One of the apps which you can use in order to manage the desktop spaces in OS X Lion is called Mission Control which can be launched from the Applications folder or the Launchpad. Once you open it you’ll notice two sections, with the main one occupying most of the screen’s center. It is called Expose and shows you the desktop of the Mac, helping you find the window you’re looking for on your computer. The desktop spaces are located on top of Expose and this is the places where you are able to manage Spaces. We have to mention that the available spaces look like thumbnails, with the first one being the Dashboard while the one next to it is the Desktop. If you want to add a new desktop by using Mission Control, you will have to move the cursor anywhere you want to the right of the aforementioned desktop thumbnail. Once you do this a pop-up that has a “+” symbol is going to appear in the screen’s upper right corner. After clicking on it, an additional desktop is going to appear. For deleting a desktop space all you have to do is move the cursor on the one that you want to get rid off and you’ll notice a circle that has an X on it which you have to press.

You might want to know that by holding down the Option button, that “X” is going to appear on all of your spaces, except of course for the Dashboard and Desktop 1. You also have the possibility of rearranging your desktop spaces by clicking and dragging them, with the exception of Dashboard and Desktop 1. We should mention that each of the desktops can have their own wallpapers. What you have to do is go to the desktop where you want to apply a different wallpaper and then modify it by accessing System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver > Desktop. Another way of doing this would be by right-clicking on the desktop and after that choose Change Desktop Background. With Mission Control you can create as much as 15 desktop spaces so, in other words, you’ll have 16 desktops and the Dashboard as well. You will still be able to add new spaces even if you create all of the desktop spaces available in Mission Control by accessing the full-screen mode with an application. More about full-screen applications in the second part of the article where we will also talk about moving between spaces.