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About Things To Come

About Things To Come

Since this is the first article on this site, I thought it would be nice to have a proper introduction, especially since 2008 could be an excellent one for Apple, and for BindApple, as well. First of all, welcome to this site! Next, let’s see what should you expect from us in the near and not-so-near future…

About Things To Come

Despite the fact that conclusions about Apple’s year will be drawn about one year from this moment, Apple’s 2008 will start at full speed, as usual, with the usual Macworld Conference & Expo which is going to be take place at The Moscone Center, in San Francisco…

The informational part of this year’s Macworld is going to start on the 14th of January, while the Expo will open on the 15th. Both of them will finish on the 18th, so this is going to be the most prolific period for Apple news and events of the year.

On BindApple, apart from news regarding Apple’s software and hardware products, you’re going to find the hottest gadgets for your Mac, iPod, iPhone, because I know a lot of people are crazy about such things, and I must admit I like most of them, too!

I’ll leave you for now, but be sure I’ll get back tomorrow with the most interesting Apple news of the day, as it’s going to happen for a long time, from now on.

At last… Welcome to BindApple, and may this day be remembered as the birth date of what’s going to become one of the best Apple-related sites on the Web!