Saturday, May 18, 2024

Make Your Website Application Usable with Unmoderated User Testing

unmoderated user testing

Unmoderated user testing is performed under uncontrolled environment. By means of uncontrolled environment we mean that test is performed in a situation where the participants are not testing the application in real-time. They use to test the website application whenever they want.

Unmoderated User Testing is beneficial is such a situation when you want to obtain real feedback, opinion, you have some specific questions to be answered, the requirement of large sample size, many numbers of participants and the interaction between participants should take place in natural environment rather than in controlled environment.

Some benefits that you must know about Unmoderated User Testing

  1. The first and foremost benefit of unmoderated user testing is that it doesn’t require any artificial situation. It can be conducted anywhere you want, anytime when you are comfortable.
  • Another benefit of unmoderated user testing over moderated user testing is that a greater number of feedbacks is accumulated over a period of say one to two days.

unmoderated user testing
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  • Many issues you will find at the end of the day rather than a single issue at a time which you obtain in real-time moderated user testing method. You can work on those issues one by one, keeping all the other issues in mind.
  • Many numbers of participants are available to perform unmoderated user testing as there is no place and time limitation. As a result, more valuable feedbacks, suggestions are obtained. Different participants have different thoughts, you have more options to choose the best opinion from several thoughts of the participants.

Some of the disadvantages which also you must know about Unmoderated User Testing.

  1. Before performing unmoderated user testing you must know that it is not at all supervised that can arise some problems that can go against your website application.
  • You need to have specific set of questions ready for the participant who are about to perform unmoderated user testing. Fixed tax must also be assigned to the participants that doesn’t allow any multitasking.
  • You will be helpless to the participants when they face troubles while performing unmoderated user testing as you cannot help them on the spot of testing. Lack of proper guidance from your side will lead to more issues that you need to solve instantly.

These were the benefits and disadvantages of unmoderated user testing. At the end of the day, it’s your website application and your business. You are the owner of yourself and it’s your call whether you will go for moderated user testing or unmoderated user testing. Any kind of expert advice is always desirable for new website application. Expert advice is of much importance because it can reach every corner of your website, find and fix several errors in real-time while the application is being used and also make your website application more user friendly and reliable.

If you are on the way of developing new website or you own a website, you can always contact us for our expert advice. We have a dedicated team of ux testers to look upon entire website and solve any kind of issues related to your website.