Mountain Lion OS Initiated by Apple

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The major and notable launch by Apple is the OS * mountain lion of 10.8 version. It is an operating system for desktops designed by a company. These desktops are named as Macintosh, popularly called as Macs. The recent version of this server system has been launched in July, 2012. It has been reinvented with addition new features that are available in the i-OS, which supports laptops, phones and media player produced by this company. Some updates were made to mountain lion, in order to make it perfect for the Macs. Such recently updated mountain lion OS initiated by Apple, has around 200 features. Some of the prominent additions and hidden features in this system are:

  • Notes: The notes in this version are synchronized with the i-OS system. Once you have utilized any note from iPhone or iPad, it will be saved in your Mac automatically. The feature has been separated from Mail, and operates directly now. Thus, all Apple products owned by you will share the notes. They can be arranged and added to desktop in a bundle. Fonts and sizes of these notes can be set through the menu.

  • Notification centers: The separate center for notification has been added in the system. The apps that is built in the system has connection with this center. A user may add his apps at discretion in the notification center. Once they are added, user gets alerts for displays and modifications, updates regarding these apps. Three types of notifications can be found. Banners sliding from left to right side are displayed in the upper right corner on the screen. Application icon will be on left side and information on the opposite side to it. The next option is alerts, which appear on the screen till they are not attended by the user. The third type is badges. These are red icons placed on the Apps list. They display specific numbers of the applications that are available. The settings for these options are available in "system preferences".

  • Messages: It is a recently added software that allows instant messaging. The preview of this program was made in February, 2012. This feature includes text messages, audio and video sharing, facetime support and conversational chats. Also, it supports free tool of iMessage available in i-OS 5. Also, yahoo and google chat features are directly connected to it.

  • Game center: The feature was added from the i-OS system that operates the phone and tabs. It is a gaming application that allows user to play various games with friends, invite others to join a particular game or compare and track their scores. The user needs to register his or her Apple Id. If the customer has no such identification, he or she has to create it. One nickname should be attached with this ID. Then a profile will be created with that nickname consisting of details like the games played, achieved scores, number of other players, and status determined by an user. Such application makes your computer a perfect place for multiplayer gaming.

  • Updating applications: The system has included many features for updating the applications. The app of chess supports gaming on this computer, while mailing adds features to save mostly used contacts. Also, some applications support PDF documents and interface display. Thus, an overall update of the existing features is one more attraction of the Mountain Lion system.

  • Icloud Documents: It is a newly added feature which consists of different applications. The iWork is an option for Microsoft office where an alternative is provided for every function performed by the office software. Here, pages work for the word, while keynote works for power-point. Excel is replaced by numbers. These applications are available at the Mac App store, where one can download them for approximately $ 20 each.

  • AirPlay-:This was the feature introduced in Apple TV and iPad. Now, Mac users are given the benefit of enjoying this feature. It allows you to share data for the whole class or a group of professionals through a large projection system. You just have to connect your laptop to the screen with adapters. This feature has been proven very useful for learning and displaying important concepts in a conference or in a classroom.

Reception of Mountain Lion OS initiated by Apple

The new operating system invented by the company has been welcomed positively by large number of people. According to the technical experts, it is a good breakthrough for Macintosh computers. Users are generating positive response, as many of the iPad and iPhone features are available in their laptops now. However, some areas have been criticized and notified for development. Game center and notification applications are some of these areas. However, the overall response has been good since the launch of this product.

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