Apple iPad Cost Breakdown

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The iPad is certainly the hottest device on the market so far, and, as analysts forecast, it will remain this way until the end of 2010. It was also the most awaited technological product since the releasing of another Apple block-buster product, the iPhone. In fact, it is so popular that waiting lists were made months before they actually started selling the iPad, and in the first day since the official launching, Apple's spokesman, CEO Steve Jobs announced that more than 300,000 copies of his newest tablet were sold, in America only. So, you can guess what a big hit it had in the first weekend, not to mention sales across the Globe.
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All in all, the newest iPad seems like a pretty good product, if we are to trust the critics: awesome design with round linings and glossy finishing, the best web experience you can get from a gadget nowadays, but more over, the ultra slim design and the product's lightness. Still, it lacks some very important features such as Flash support, USB port, and a webcamera for God's sake! Why should I pay at least $600 for a product that claims it's revolutionary and it will make you have the ultimate web experience, if it doesn't even have a lousy camera? I, myself, am waiting for the newer versions to come up on the market, see if Apple engineers will make this product a bit more appealing to my tastes. But regardless to my opinion, I'm sure that not many of you asked themselves the question of how much in deed it costs Apple to build an iPad. I found my answer at iSuppli. This research company is known for breaking down bills of materials in order to come up with a raw material total for any given product, and the company has been hard at work breaking down the individual parts list in order to create a total cost for the Apple tablet, the miraculous iPad.

Apple's official have come up with a price of $499 which, they think, it is more than fair for this oh, so wow product. They actually seemed very pleased that they can offer so much technology incorporated in such a light and slim device, at an affordable price. Still, a deeper look into the electronic guts of the iPad has revealed that the basic version of the device costs only around $260 to be manufactured. Accordingly, and as expected, much of the cost of manufacturing the device is related to ensuring it is easy for the eyes, simple and fun for the regular people who don't know much about technology. So it comes as no surprise that over 40% of the bill is entirely dedicated to the display, the touch panel among with other small components. Under these circumstances, I wonder how much will it take until Apple officials will announce a cost breakdown for the iPad?

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