MacBook Pro (Third generation)

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The desktop production line of Apple is popularly known as "Macintosh Computers" . Mac Book Pro is one of the products introduced under this label. The first generation of this computers was launched in 2006. Later, with many modifications, more products were introduced that generated a great response. MacBook Pro (Third generation) is a newly introduced desktop version in June, 2012. It replaced the earlier Power-book G4. The MacBook Pro is second in the series of collaborative launches of Apple ‒ Intel, after iMac.

Features of MacBook Pro (Third generation)

This machine has become popular due to the reinvented features. There are a lot of attractions, when it comes to the in-built characteristics and additional benefits included in this device. Following are some of them:

  • Retina Display ‒ An amazing display on the available screen size is provided by the company. About five million pixels occupy the 15.4 inch screen, which gives you an extra-ordinary experience. The resolution is of 2880 by 1800 ratio, which helps for viewing accurate images. This type of display reduces minor errors from the previous models. It decreases glare and adds a superior color quality to the images. Also, the contrast is higher by around twenty nine percent. Thus, it provides a vibrant and real look to the pictures.

  • All-flash facility for storage ‒ The memory in this device is stored at Flash, which gives quicker access to the saved data. Thus, a user can download Apps, navigate from different folders, start any application in a faster way. It saves energy and time of the customer ultimately. The flash storage helps to perform various tasks in a better way. Around 768GB memory storage is provided with this feature. Also, it is quite durable and effectively performing.

  • Long life of battery ‒ A one-time charge provides around 7 hours battery life to the machine. The built-in battery is of 95-watt that gives 1000 full charge cycles. It provides a 30-day standby time too. With such impressive battery back-up, the user can work for a longer time on the desktop. The stand-by time allows to put your computer in a sleep mode; you can revive the normal mode again, whenever you require it.

  • Intel Core i7 processor ‒ It is said to be the fastest quad-core processor available in the market. The ivy bridge processors with 22 nanometer micro-architecture provides the best performance for the computer. The speed of 2.7GHZ and turbo boost speed up to 3.7GHZ gives different dimension to each core. It supports 16GB memory to make the MacBook Pro portable.

  • NVIDIA graphics ‒ The processor of the desktop has been designed in a way to support GeForce GT 650M technology. The dedicated video memory is based on the new kepler structure. The combination of all these provide a faster performance than any laptop made by the company. It gives an exceptional performance on the retina display and two external screens. Thus, the user can modify the photos or watch a HD video at fast speed and accuracy.

  • Connective facilities ‒ Two thunderbolt connections have been provided with this device, which ensures a faster and effective data transfer. It is the quickest way to operate connections and ports. You can connect anything by utilizing this facility such as external displays like Apple TV, RAID arrays, FireWire adapters, video devices. The device provides an ultimate wireless technology with bluetooth 4.0 and three stream 802.11 Wi-Fi. You can stay connected with the world even by unplugging your device.

  • iCloud documents ‒ It acts as a great storage for the downloaded music files, photos, updates on Calendars and more. It automatically shifts the data to other Apple devices that you use. For example, if you update the information on one device, it will be changed on all other devices. Also, it gives alternatives for creating various documents like pages, keynotes and numbers.

Operating System and Built-in Apps

The operating system for this machine is OS*Mountain Lion, which is recently launched by Apple. This has many advantages like a faster speed and amazing structural base. The built-in Apps for the MacBook Pro are iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Mac App store, Safari( Browser), mail, iMessages, Calender and reminders. Each of these apps has its special qualities and characteristics.

Review of MacBook Pro( Third generation)

Up till now, the device has been praised for its compact size and faster operations. Also, the strong and sturdy structure, larger screen and cool look have been appreciated by the critics. The port, its connection abilities and newly added apps has also been appreciated. Overall review of the device is a mix of criticism and applaud. Many reviewers have noticed that the heat generated by the new machine is in improper amount. Also, reflections from the screen are not extra-ordinary, if compared to the predecessors. Thus, only time will decide the exact nature of this newly launched MacBook Pro (Third generation).



A Brief Analysis of the Final Cut Pro X

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Final Cut Pro X

The Apple Company not only produces electronic devices, but also brings new, innovative softwares and applications in the market. Final Cut Pro X is one of such video production suite that has been designed for the Mac OS X by the company. It was launched in April 2011, however, many modifications were done to the product later. . It was made available in the month of June in 2011. Take a look at the Final Cut Pro X in actual action.

FCP X is not an advanced version of the application named as FCP. It is a completely different and newly written application for the media users. It has a 64 Bit software that is supported by the "Grand Central Dispatch" and "Open CL support". The main function of the application is to make a video footage with a clear and amazing quality. Following are some of the features of FCP X:

  • Amazing Timeline: The timeline in the application that allows to fall everything in place. It acts magnetically to help the user perform clear editing. Unwanted gaps in the timeline is destroyed by the clips moving easily to assemble proper shots. Also, the collisions between clips is avoided by its fantastic automatic synchronization. If the user want to have a traditional mode for the timeline, he can choose to build his own structure. Communicating animations are added to inform you about the status of your work.

  • Multicam: The multicam has been added from the 10.0.3 version. It is supported by a 64-bit engine, where you can have many angles of the camera. It is available in different frame sizes, rates and formats for editing the clips. You can use the modified multicam clip as it is or create your own by marking the precise time, day, waveforms or audio links. Angle editor works with this feature to make you move and edit the single clips. When you want to cut it, you can use the customizable angle viewer. With this feature, you can also combine different audio channels from other cameras.

  • Audio Editing: With this special feature, you can expand the place and size of the audio file to review its contents. You can edit the multichannel audio in a quicker way by using this application. If you want to have a bigger and complete view of the file, you have to use an Inspector tool that allows you to rename and hide some channels. With just one click you can combine the audio resources and channels to make a final product on your timeline.

  • Connecting clips: This tool helps you to keep your collection together. It automatically creates a clip connection so that the user can edit the whole bunch of clips. The changes like B-roll, sound effects and music will be added to the clips which move together on your timeline. There are various options available here as primary and secondary connection. In primary connection, you can move up to any part of your story in just one click. The secondary connection holds the clips as you make changes to the project by another editor. Also, you can resume or handover a whole project to another editor in just one step.

  • Inline editor: The magnetic timeline helps you to trim, roll, slip and slide the clips. It has improved the traditional ways by adding a different touch to the application. If you want to have further changes, you can go up to precision editor. This allows you to expand the view of the clip. So, you can analyze the changes in detail. It assists to make direct trimming in the timeline.

  • Auditions: This feature permits you to organize different shots in one place and go through a quick view. You can edit such collection with color grades, different angles, shots or different reads. You can use different effects for the same shot. Also, you can create various forms of your project at different venues by using this feature. Audition can be created by dragging the shots to some place and choose the option of "add the audition". The timeline will keep synchronization between various shots.

  • Unified Import: The Window of unified import allows you to transfer the file-based and supported media files on your timeline. The interface includes a List that can be customized to showcase data and footage that has been imported. Also, it provides a Filmstrip view that enables to review the data and add larger number of files. You can import the data directly from your DSLR camera for editing.

  • Range-based Keywords: You can create your own keywords according to the specific requirements. These keyboard shortcuts are helpful while browsing the larger footages for a single clip. It makes the process easier and quicker.

Thus, with such amazing features, the Final Cut Pro X has proved to be a great application for the entertainment and media industry.



AC/DC on iTunes

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The Apple Co. has recently made a great announcement for the music lovers across the world. A complete collection of the band AC/DC is available on iTunes now. The joint efforts of Columbia records and Apple has brought an amazing experience for the iPhone and iPad users. A catalog of albums of famous rock band will be a new attraction for Apple users.

Functioning of iTunes

The iTunes is a big storage that provides different kind of media files to the Apple products. It is specially designed to be the support system of the iPhone, iPad and other products. It is one of the popular stores in the world. It proudly possesses a catalog of more than 26 million songs and downloaded songs over 20 billion. Currently, it is available in around 63 countries. The Apple users can discover and legally have access to purchase and enjoy music online. The audios at the iTunes are created with the Apple's DRM-free format with high quality 256kbps encoded AAC. These recordings are clearly similar to the original ones. There is one specific feature of the iTunes. It works with iCloud to help you to download all previously purchased music albums on all devices based on the i-OS system. It is totally free of cost, thus can function easily once you purchase the new Apple product.

A Brief Information on Columbia Records

The company named as Columbia records basically work for the promotion of new talent and expansion of the music industry all over the world. It has been responsible for the rise of many superstars and have given hope to several new artists. Currently, it is the most respected and amazing record labels in the world. Basically, Columbia records is a branch owned by Sony Music Entertainment ‒ a huge company that hosts a variety of local and international artists in the field of music. This American company has collected a vast number of records including some of the vital songs in the history of Art. Also, it is going to expand its base to other countries soon. The company has an important collaboration with the Apple for speeding the music through its devices. Thus, it is a very good opportunity for the users to avail popular and favorite songs, in just one click.

Introduction to AC/DC

It is actually an Australian band founded in 1973. Malcom and Angos, brothers from the Young family, established the band. They are considered as the founders of the "heavy metal" generation and followers of "hard rock" type of music. They are one of the most popular bands in the American history of music. Over the years, the band has gone through lot many changes and fluctuations. However, it has got succeeded in gaining and maintaining its popularity through the melodious and rocking songs. Also, it has been awarded with prestigious awards like Ted Albert award. Interestingly, a street in Australia has been named before the band as “AC/DC Lane”. Currently, the band released an album in 2012, called as "Live at River Plate", which has received great reviews from critics and audience. The band has sold around 200 million copies all over the world. It has actually ruled the rock and roll world with its amazing creations.

List of Available Albums:

The thunderous music created by AC/DC has been famous among the followers for generations. Now, Apple has provided the opportunity to its fans to access all songs of the band in just one click. They can download the albums or favorite songs on their devices supported by iTunes. Following is the list of available albums of AC/DC on iTunes.

16 Studio Albums 

High Voltage (1976)

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (1976)

Let There Be Rock (1977)

Powerage (1978)

Highway To Hell (1979)

Back In Black (1980)

For Those About To Rock We Salute You (1981)

Flick Of The Switch (1983)

74 Jailbreak (1984)

Fly On The Wall (1985)

Who Made Who (1986)

Blow Up Your Video (1988)

The Razors Edge (1990)

Ballbreaker (1995)

Stiff Upper Lip (2000)

Black Ice (2008)

4 Live Albums 

If You Want Blood You’ve Got It (1978)

Live (1992)

Live (2 Volume Collector’s Edition) (1992)

Live At River Plate (2012)

3 Compilation Albums

Bonfire (1997)

Backtracks audio (2009) 

Iron Man 2 soundtrack (2010)

All these albums can be accessed on iTunes by following a simple procedure. You just have to connect your Apple device like iPad, iPhone or iPod to the App store. There you can get a variety of songs by this band to choose from. It is expected that with the collaboration between the AC/DC, Apple will bring new excitement in the world of technology and music.



The Features of Mac Mini

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Mac Mini

Apple came up with another new version of Macintosh computers in 2010. This model was named as New Mac mini, due to its amazingly smaller size than the previous versions. It was announced with an innovative concept of BYODKM. The complete form of this concept is "Bring your own display, keyboard, mouse. The accessories were available in the market separately. However, the previous users were targeted by the company, as they were already possessing all these parts from Mac. Introduction of the thinner Macintosh computer with such unique concept is regarded as a notable iconic step in the history of Apple. Following are some of the important features of Mac mini.

  • Design: Mac mini is made up of a thin aluminum body that has been carved in a single piece of the metal. The size would measure to 1.4 inches. The outer look is quite attractive and decent as compared to the older versions. The well-finished and stunning model have definitely caught attention of the users. The device has been made by CNC (computer numerical control machines), which eliminates any possibility of imperfection. The sound quality of the device has been upgraded to the newest development. Thus, you would not have external disturbances, while using the computer. Another advantage of the design is the availability of many ports. These ports help you to connect quickly with other devices. Optical disc drive has been eliminated from this version, as there is inclusion of one additional disc drive. Thus, the compact and concise design will make this device easily portable.

  • Internal Processors: The model has been based on the Intel core processors of third generation. The device is available in two types: 2.5GHz dual-core processor or 2.6GHz quad-core Intel Corei7. Both these models give a powerful experience to the users. For the processor-intensive Apps, you can switch over to the Turbo boost that increases the speed up to 3.6 GHz. The memory provided by the model counts up to the 500GB or 1 TB. You can raise the flash storage memory to 250 GB in new drive. So, you can easily surf the Internet or download an application. The manufacturers have added a new drive, known as Fusion, to the device. This drive comes with a combination of flash memory and hard drive. Around 130GB flash storage is available with 1 TB hard drive. This means, you can store your photos, videos, most favorite Apps in this fast and quick storage. Mac mini has been provided with a 4GB fast memory and removable panel. So, more storage facility can be added later, if required.

  • Thunderbolt Connectivity: The built-in technology in this device is comparatively fast. The inclusion of the thunderbolt has added various facilities to this model. It enables you to do quicker data transfer; approximately twenty times faster than the USB 2. A single port contains a capacity to manage more than six displays. You can easily connect the Apple LED cinema plug to one of these displays and enjoy the facility of home theater. Apart from thunderbolt, the other mediums for connectivity have been developed and provided with advancements. USB 3 allows you to get in touch with external memory storage and transfer heavy data in no time. Bluetooth has been improved from the predecessors. Thus, with using WiFi 802.11 and wireless blue tooth, you can easily surf and stream your favorite music. Also, you can get easy access to the data in other devices.

  • Operating system: The whole functioning of the Mac mini is dependent on the operating system named as OS* Mountain Lion. The system has been privileged with many built-in features. It basically collaborates with the Intel processor to deliver the best results. It has multi-touch trackpad that is very handy to use. The system gets updated automatically, even when the device is in sleep mode. Also, the battery life for this operating system is quite durable and Eco-friendly. The light sensors start working on their own as per the external atmospheric conditions.

  • Mac mini server: The company has offered a configuration facility with this product that helps to load the OS server and other server components at the same time.

  • Apps in the computer: The normal applications like iPhoto, Imovie or Garageband are available in this device too. Also, you can utilize other built-in Apps like Mail, Messages, Calender, Safari, etc. The Mac store or App store allows you to download as many applications as you want because of the high capacity of memory that is able to store them all. Using Launchpad, you can browse through various options available at Mac store and choose the applications that are suitable for your work profile.

The Mac mini is available in the market at a price of $599 and $799 for both models respectively. The device has been upgraded with the launching of Macbook Pro in 2011.



The Changes in the Collaboration Policy of Apple

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The well known and very famous company in the telecommunication market, that is, the Apple. Inc has announced some recent changes in their administrative and functioning policies. These alterations have been made keeping in mind the company's collaboration between various departments within the company. The Apple Inc. has been progressing amazingly in recent years, proving the biggest competitor for other big corporations. Before going through the newest changes in collaboration policy by Apple, we will have a look at the business profile of the company.

The Apple. Inc was founded by three initial members: Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. The organization was registered in 1977 and started launching products since April, 1977. The company has placed the headquartered office in Cupertino, which is in the state of California. The organization has specialized in manufacturing electronic product like personal computers, softwares and a range of consumer products. These products are designed and developed by the various professionals. Some popular launches of Apple are iPad, iPhone, Mac and iPod.

Announcement of the Change in Collaboration Policy

In October 2012, the company declared some important details and alterations in their policies. According to authorized sources, Apple will make some promotions and alterations in the companies management staff. Currently working experts like Jony Ive, Bob Mansfield, Eddy Cue and Craig Federighi will be handling some more responsibilities by working at higher positions. The details of their delegated duties have been explained below.

As per the sources from the company, Eddy Cue will be the head of the designing for siri and Maps. All services that are provided online, will form one group. Like after the adorable success of the iCloud and App store, this group is expected to perform its best for placing Maps and Siri at a higher position. In brief, the group of online service providers will be led by Eddy Cue.

Apple currently launched two new versions of the previous operating systems. The mountain lion OS works for Mac; a personal computers initiated by Apple. The other version i-OS works for portable and small devices like iPad, iPod and iPhone. Now onwards, all these versions of operating systems will be handled by Craig Federighi. The company has combined both the teams working separately on operating systems, in order to deliver better results to the consumer. The team is expected to make well-finished and advanced versions of the existing models and work for the betterment in the previous versions.

The company believes that the outer look of the electronic product is equally important as the inner software and functions. Thus, the company has designed many attractive and elegant-looking models for various products like iPhone and iPod. The magnificent and thinner look for the devices has been introduced by the head of Design department, that is, Jony Ive. With the changed policy, he will handle the responsibility of Director to the department of Human Interface. He will provide his leadership and ideas for the progress of this department.

Bob Mansfield, the man behind the speedy technologies built in the Apple products will manage the department of wireless connections. All groups working for the connections and networking purposes in the company, have been combined in a team which will be headed by him. This team will be primarily responsible for the innovative and creative network building and fostering new techniques. Some small teams working on the semiconductor will join this group in future to bring about great results together.

Also, with the resignation of John Browett from the position of head of the retail team, Tim Cook has been appointed to take temporary care of the reporting and administration. The company is in search of qualified and trained personnel for the same position. The person handling the retail department, will be liable for building a strong network of leaders and dealers at the regional level and managing the current consumer-base with efficiency.

Reception in Media

According to the Company sources, these alteration in the policy of the Apple will lead to a progressive and a remarkable increase in the sales of the products. As the company has launched some best devices at the end of the year 2012, the same success will be continued by the changed management. The collaboration of the hardware, software and services will combine the best efforts to bring about a great success.

However, newspapers are linking up the departure of some high-level professionals like John Browett owing to misunderstandings between the management professionals. It is said that the crucial differences between Scott Forshell and Jony Ive has resulted in the complete makeover of the administration of the company. The world of telecommunication is curiously looking forward to the results of the changes in collaboration policy made by the company.

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